Earth science simulations that guide business decisions


Physics based simulations to optimise optical sensor designs, explore concepts of operation, or generate synthetic data to develop new algorithms.

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earth science

We enrich earth science data streams and integrate them with your business systems via our APIs.

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optical sims on-demand

Experts in accurate Monte Carlo photon simulation

Natural or artifical light sources: from sky backgrounds to lidar sources

Historical or forecast atmosphere and ocean models

Time-varying 3D objects and sensors

Rapid simulation using high performance computing infrastructure

Concise reporting with actionable insights

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about us

Amentum was founded in 2016 to provide modelling and simulation services to enhance the capabilities of the Australian Department of Defence. We have since expanded our remit, enabling innovators to access scientific software and data. Our user base is global and spans a range of industries, from space operations, to defense, surveying, cryptography, mineral exploration, simulation training, navigation, through to education.

why the name 'amentum'?

The amentum was a leather strap used by ancient greeks to extend the range and stability of the javelin.

Similarly, Amentum exists to extend the capabilties of its clients.


Australian Department of Defence (DISP member)

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

As seen in the Australian Defence Sales Catalogue 2022


Amentum is a FastStart participant at the deeptech National Space Industry Hub,

a foundation member of nandin at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation,

member of the SmartSat CRC Aurora space cluster,

and is a proud supporter of the philanthropy organisation Pledge 1%.